Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh scrap it time has got away from me again....

I am hoping that it is not too late to start a new years resolution tomorrow.....being the 1st of August.

I am pledging to organise the blog and set up a schedule so that I regularly talk to anyone whom pops in occasionally.

But on to what I have been working on...

a little of this

You are my Sunshine is Domi's favourite song at the moment. I will never tire of hearing her sing it. Our little wild child can be the sweetest little songbird. I created this by using all the little left over embellishments that were on my table as I created the classes for Paperific.

Yep I have been asked to teach a double layout at Paperific in August. Please come and have a giggle with me in August ,Also the class kit rocks, lots of Scrapware (my favourite product).
I am going to be a little naughty and sneak a little peek in here. I will also be teaching another class.. more details soon on that one.

Another layout and more scrapware (surprise surprise)
This layout is my new favourite. I used a twig from a dead tree out the back and attached some of the paper diecut K&company birds and stamped a prima nest, glimmermisted and I love this is not very often that I say I love a layout but I really do.

And just to show you that I can use another product outside of Scrapware, here is one of the few that doesn't use even a tiny sliver of chipboard.

And just to show you that I can use another product outside of Scrapware, here is one of the few that doesn't use even a tiny sliver of chipboard.

Well thats it from me I am off to clean the studio and practice my mantra.....
I will write more often.

night all
love naomi x

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holidays end....

I am always a little sadder when the holidays come to an end. I love the june/july holidays mainly because I love winter... more to the point I love winter at the Beach.

There is nobody around and you can have the whole beach to yourself, to run around and be silly.A great way to spend two weeks with the kids.

But I am home now and it is time to get this little piece of the world moving. I have been so busy with magazine commitments that the blog grinded to a halt quite abruptly.

So a little recap..

I had SIA where 9 layouts were picked up for publication

I had two layouts feature in Nic Howards 12 Dimensional Details BPS course...
yeah... I am so in awe of this lady. Was like a love struck teenager when she emailed me...

I am now Officially a DIVA... and I am not saying that tongue in cheek, just so excited to be named amongst some big names as one of Scrapbook Creations Design DIVAS (more about that later)

A couple more layouts picked up by overseas Magazine

56 fortieth birthday invites for my dear friend Sarah

Making plans to re-open Scraptapestry.. yipppeeeee

and a holiday, or should I say a holiday for the kids a change of venue for mumma as I still washed cleaned and cooked.

Now enough talk, time to share some scrapping creations that I can share..

Now it is Christmas over at scrapware and I have been a busy little elf creating these

and making some ornaments Scrapware style...

and finally my favourite little creation the advent Calendar of a different kind..

Over the coming weeks I am going to make 25 of these in preparation for christmas... so quick and easy. stay tuned for these.
But in the mean time I need to go and have a sleep and dream of sweet creations

talk to you soon
love naomi x