Monday, May 23, 2011

getting back on track...

I have missed creating things over the last 12 months as I have put all commitments and hobbies on the backburner to regain some health and fitness into my life.

Some 26kg have been melted off the butt and the brain... and I can say that I am feeling lighter, happier, and the mojo is returning slowly.

I have been busy doing work for the Glorious Scrapware chipboard company, but officially I have stepped away from the design team ... but I will continue to use this product, possibly until I can no longer glue it down.

So here are some layouts that I have done for various shows but I have never got around to putting them on the various blogs

Well thats all folks for tonight at least..
cheers all
Love naomi x

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh S{CRAP} it has been a while.....

I thought I had better post PART TWO of my Once upon a time album I did for Scrapbook creations Design divas competition last year....

So here I go again, a couple of months later but the feeling that this album is a bugger to photograph remains the same. I have lent this album to a girlfriend whom is putting together her own ...'once upon a time album' and all I can say is goodluck I couldn't do another one of these if I tried.


Fletchers page opens out to this.

I am a flipping and pull out/lift up kind of scrapper I do it for my kids whom love to guess where I hide little snippets of information or other photos but who am I kidding mainly I do it for me.

The little photos are on ribbons spinners that allow them to rotate around on the page like this... So easy to achieve with some eyelets and ribbon sandwiched between two pieces of acetate and photos on either side.

and the other side looks like this

and it opens in turn to some left over scrapware album covers that I lifted from the scrapware factory (with Anges permission) they were perfect to dedicate one each to the girls...
and then it was time to remind them of how unique they are at this present time and all the things I want to freeze in my memory for an eternity

Cordelia is up beautiful middle child, the one whom has an iron will but a heart of glass.

I am a big fan of taking lots of photos and then never deleting any of them so what better way to use them all alter the colours and effects to each photo (thanks photoshop!) and patchwork them together.

And then Dominique.... my mischievous baby girl.

and finally like all fairytales the end, my happily ever after the three of them all together.

Thanks for watching my fairytale unravel and I will be back with all the other stuff I having been doing for the last 6 months.
love naomi xx