Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am moving.....

Just popping in to let you know I am moving the blog to

here still keeping the same name.....{crap}_i've_done_it_again

come and visit me there
cheers naomi x

Monday, May 23, 2011

getting back on track...

I have missed creating things over the last 12 months as I have put all commitments and hobbies on the backburner to regain some health and fitness into my life.

Some 26kg have been melted off the butt and the brain... and I can say that I am feeling lighter, happier, and the mojo is returning slowly.

I have been busy doing work for the Glorious Scrapware chipboard company, but officially I have stepped away from the design team ... but I will continue to use this product, possibly until I can no longer glue it down.

So here are some layouts that I have done for various shows but I have never got around to putting them on the various blogs

Well thats all folks for tonight at least..
cheers all
Love naomi x

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh S{CRAP} it has been a while.....

I thought I had better post PART TWO of my Once upon a time album I did for Scrapbook creations Design divas competition last year....

So here I go again, a couple of months later but the feeling that this album is a bugger to photograph remains the same. I have lent this album to a girlfriend whom is putting together her own ...'once upon a time album' and all I can say is goodluck I couldn't do another one of these if I tried.


Fletchers page opens out to this.

I am a flipping and pull out/lift up kind of scrapper I do it for my kids whom love to guess where I hide little snippets of information or other photos but who am I kidding mainly I do it for me.

The little photos are on ribbons spinners that allow them to rotate around on the page like this... So easy to achieve with some eyelets and ribbon sandwiched between two pieces of acetate and photos on either side.

and the other side looks like this

and it opens in turn to some left over scrapware album covers that I lifted from the scrapware factory (with Anges permission) they were perfect to dedicate one each to the girls...
and then it was time to remind them of how unique they are at this present time and all the things I want to freeze in my memory for an eternity

Cordelia is up beautiful middle child, the one whom has an iron will but a heart of glass.

I am a big fan of taking lots of photos and then never deleting any of them so what better way to use them all alter the colours and effects to each photo (thanks photoshop!) and patchwork them together.

And then Dominique.... my mischievous baby girl.

and finally like all fairytales the end, my happily ever after the three of them all together.

Thanks for watching my fairytale unravel and I will be back with all the other stuff I having been doing for the last 6 months.
love naomi xx

Monday, January 31, 2011

Once upon a time....(PART ONE)

once a upon a time I was a better blogger……..


Today I wanted to share an album I created a couple of months ago for my scrapbook creations design diva entry - titled once upon a time.. Casey from scrapbook creations gave me the go ahead to put it up and after photographing it myself I can understand was a nightmare to do.

it is a collection of pictures and tributes to me daughters Cordelia and Dominique, hopefully one day when they get over their love/hate relationship they while recognise that although they are as different as night and day they are part of the strongest bonds there is possible - SISTERS

If any one saw the little tutorial I did on scrapware on how to make your own mini album this is the same techniques applied just on a bigger scale……and it took on a life of its own.

The front and back covers...

This album was also made to show off some of Scrapwares amazing designs in chipboard... love this castle.

I loved the Basic Grey 'Koshi' range of papers so girlie and so pretty and so perfect for a fairytale story

There is alot of sewing and intricate detail on the covers. I am one of those people that unfortunately judge a book by its cover, so it was all out for me.

Inside covers......

SO this is what you look at when you undo the ribbons and pull open the crystal door knob.

I wanted it to truly be a fairytale story for my girls, so I looked at some theatre programs I have collected over the years and mashed them together to come up with the casting pages....

complete with royal titles for everyone in the family. Mumma got an extended roll in this play.

And now the front page of the book.

this book is essentially held together by two zutter binding strips. One at the top hand left corner and the other in the bottom right hand corner. So often the pagess open up to a four page spread....double the amount of fun to fill with photos and stories....

The actual first page is an acetate page announcing the starring 'Divas'. as mentioned before the main reason for this album was for Scrapbooking creations Design Divas competition.

The rest of the pages are a combination of bazzille and chipboard pages Angela cut for my specific measurements...thank you lovely..xx

that opens to this.....

and then it starts to get a little hairy, with lots of pull out and flip ups
(just to make life interesting)

Under each photo of the girls is a story of the other sister, and how they are like


and black/white.

But for all there differences they are very similar in the core of their beings, both beautiful on the inside and on the outside...

And together they bond together to overcome a common enemy...
that of their brother Fletcher.

so that is where I leave this story today..... I'll be back tomorrow after I finish editing some photos of this little photographers nightmare..

See you back here for Part two..
love Naomi xx

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy new year....

as many of you know my new year starts in february.. January is a write off, we live life in a little vaccum that is purely family with no rush to be anywhere or do anything. It is beaching and swimming and this year we added a new past time into the equation 'Sailing'

lots of fun for all

but somewhere in the vaccum I forgot to celebrate some BIG NEWS

I am on the scraptivate design team..
oh my nobody is as shocked as me about this, cause those girls truly do rock.. please go check out what is happening over there....Natalie runs a beautiful shop and online service that is always stocked with all the latest and greatest must have items...

so here is my first design team project just in time for valentines day....

so please pop over to the ning site and say hello to Natalie and the girls we would love to see what you are up too and Nat will put you into the draw to win a shopping voucher- how cool is that!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

and she lives................

I do, I have and I am living the best life at the moment. The last couple of months have been filled with tears, giggles, anger and injuries but slowly all those erratic emotions are sliding away and I am remembering all the good things I have in my life......

I have a great family....

Some fantastic friends..... that no matter how much I push and shove they never budge in their love and support. Each one of these wonderful people have trotted into my life and heart like they have always been there. Thank you you have restored my faith in

For so long I have made things for a purpose, created for a project or for someone else.. I have loved doing it but somewhere along the way I lost a bit of the love and a lot of the stories. So I have taken some time out and reassessed what I want to do and with whom....

Scrapware is an enormous part of my creative process and it will stay that as long as Ange will have me. So here are some projects I have done for them recently that I haven't shown..oops

so I will finish this with lots of scrapware projects... and I still have many more.
cheers Naomi xx