Friday, May 14, 2010

Has it really been that long....

It cannot possibly be nearly a month.

But it has. I have been so busy completing lots of layouts for Ange and SIA , farewelling a good friend whom suddenly passed away and dealing with life. It has quite literally been the month from hell but I cannot dwell on it I'll just squeeze the kids, tell them everyday that I love them and slowly move forward.

On a happier note I have been scrapping and some I can show you and others will be coming out in magazines shortly....BONUS. Very happy about that.

So here are some of the layouts I have been making all with Scrapware and it has been so long I have no idea what number I am up to in Project 500 but I am uploading so that is a start...

so I reakon that might do me for tonight I am off to bed and up tomorrow for a RUN. In training for the Melbourne half Marathon in October as a way to get fit and lose a few kilos... Trying to coaxs Ange in to running as well. I told her if all else fails there are numerous places along the course that we can stop in for a glass of bubbles or two.

Night all
love naomi x