Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh the holidays are flying

I cannot believe I will be sending the kids back to school next week.

We hav just come back from a week at the beach. OMG I wish I lived closer to the beach I love the smell, the sand, the ocean just everything really. The kids have been sick with some little lurgy but they still were a pleasure to be around cause they adore the beach.

They fished and it inspired the next layout which I through together tonight

Lots of layering and distressing in this layout I am trying out new things and trying to move outside my comfort zone which I think is alittle limited at times.
I used one of Scrapware's older but gorgeous flourishes and of course I chopped it up ....

Is one I did for last weeks scrapware blog using the monsters.... and a really big kapow.

It must be a boy night.
Another Fletcher layout....
This one is also up on the scrapware blog promoting all those wonderful little journal blocks Ange has.

As I fill in all the links to the blog I reakon I should just highlight the whole post... So please pop over there and say hello to Ange and the girls or join up to the ning group.

just another link for you... hehehehe

I have to go to bed off to healesville tomorrow with the kids
love naomi x