Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily blogging....

Lets just see how long I can do it for....

I am presently up very late finishing off the Easter presents for the teachers. I am struggling with the male teacher though. I think I will have to sleep on that one.

At the moment I keep cleaning up and organising the next set of classes. I will get the program out to you girls soon. I had such a lovely evening teaching that I cant wait to do it again I have the next two done but I am trying to shuffle the calender to find the right dates.

Some recent scrapping Tackling the Inspired Blueprints Sketch #44. I put my very graphic straight up and down style into this one. Lots of photo's in this one 6 to be exact and sorry Ange not a piece of scrapware in sight. I still have the journalling to do, I tend to leave it for a few days until I am in the right headspace to be concise.

IB #44 - Lucky u
Now on to Project Scrapware #5 - be a free spirit
I love these photos cause it takes my back to being a kid and swinging, the rush of air between my toes and in my hair and the need for more height, more speed. I might just go to the park tomorrow and swing away.

and just because I can here is Project Scrapware #6 - Tuesdays child is full of Grace

For this I actually just used dimensional magic straight onto the chipboard because I couldn't mix the right paint colour nor find the right colour ink...I love the colour that it produced it is a really nice olive and it complemented the page exactly. Not to mention that my beautiful girl Cordy just takes my breath away.

So on that note I am going to go to bed.
thanks for visiting
love naomi x

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LisaW said...

Stunning Naomi! I love how you layered the lettering over the flourish.