Tuesday, March 23, 2010

on a creative roll...

But I have to ask ?

Is it really wrong to wash your paint brush in a cup of cold coffee??? Oops.
I was just on a roll and I really could not be bothered to get off my rear end to get a glass of water. That would have just broken the spell and reminded my husband that I wouldn't be going to bed any time soon.

The tea party...
I did this down at the beach last weekend with Ange. We had such a lovely weekend of scrapping and creating and not seeing much of the beach.


I am not usually a fan of Webster papers but I felt like creating a really girlie pastel number and it was fun. And the most exciting thing about this layout was the fact that I got to use my 7gypsies gold spoons. I have been carrying those cute little spoons around for about six years now.

You will have to excuse the rather large piece of string across the photo. I have a habit of not cutting the thread

So that is another one down....

I am slowly settling into blogspot it is really different to typepad and I am having some issues with the formatting and getting the stuff on the side. So at the moment it will have to stay a little empty until I finish a few more layouts.

Thanks for popping by
love naomi x

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sam said...

luv it!! luv it!!! luv it!!!