Thursday, March 25, 2010

Literally flying out the door...

The last day of school today....
Yipeeeee I know without a doubt the kids will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow after me having to drag them out of bed at the last possible moment for the last week. So excited to have them all to myself again.

Cordy trotted off to school this am with her easter present for her teacher. She helped me with the card and was so proud.... The bunny only just fit (thank goodness)Cordy and I shredded tissue paper for grass to lay in and gave him a Lindt carrot to munch on. Dommie stated it was
"Awwww mama SOOOO QUUUUT"

And for some fun I thought I would share this photo of Lilly and Dominique taken first thing one saturday morning.... The two of them have the same attitude towards the brush. That is they would prefer to never have one touch their hair.

On to some scrapping Project SCRAPWARE #7
Using the scallop circle (my Favourite go to item ever) and the funky tree and a flower as the sun

Well I have to run I am off to spend the day serving happy shiny little faces in the school canteen. Wish me luck.
love naomi x

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