Thursday, August 5, 2010

just finding my way home....

For those that know me well you'll know that the last 2 years have been really bumpy. So in an effort to remember the 'me' in me I am going to spend one day a week doing something I love and learning a little about myself in the process, via the ART JOURNAL.

I have always wanted to attempt one, but self doubt and the feeling of being judged always won the war.... but not this time. I hope to round up some friends along the way to help me out because the talent of these girls never ceases to inspire and encourage me. I have a range of different artists from writers to painters to scrapbookers and artisans that I have admired and will be begging in the near future.

so I hope you enjoy the first installment of the Journal....

I have been working on the cover..... it is progressing nicely but still has along ways to go yet, but I am loving the process of getting painted and misted, glued and impastoed (if there is such a word)

as you can see the desk has gotten worse since last post... oops.... friday is clean day I hope. I did remove the lemon paint water that I featured last time but I figured I had already painted my favourite coffee cup so for the time being it is staying put.

I have printed the photos on the cardstock and then sealed them into place with beeswax. Love this stuff, seriously it gives a great finish and also you just reheat it to remove the piece that you dont like- which for indecisive people like me is a good thing. Try it sometime.

I have impasto medium and mist over the top... I am about to add some stamping and crackling over the top and then it will be time to put this sucker together. The front and back covers are canvas boards.... next week I will show you how I put together an album....I love making my own albums very addictive, and a good challenge.

The first page is the blog post...
'just finding my way home...'

I am challenging you all to think about this, have you lost your way or cant remember which way is up???and what are you going to do to get back on track. I hope you'll use this to spark off a page or write sometime I would love to hear or see what you come up with so email me soI can feature you next week..

So next week I will have my page and the album and the next theme.

And just something to make you smile or in my case cry...
Dominique got a big bed today and of course there was no pink in site because

'Buzz Lightyear in a space ranger mama, not a girl hpffff' She has been obsessed with Buzz for about a year now and when we talked about a bed she wanted a buzz donna from the get go... I thought my pink, barbie loving girlie girl she would have gone princess option, but nope not yet anyway.

This was her reaction to the new bed...she was so quick that I didn't have time to change settings on the camera and capture the moment of sheer,pure joy...

oh that feeling of bouncing on a new bed... we have all done it at some stage, and wasn't it the best?

.....but sometimes it is not about the perfect picture it is enjoying moment, before I burst into tears because my last baby has her own bed, I know she'll be in for a snuggle soon so that makes me feel better.... hehehe

Tomorrow I will have some traditional scrapbooking pages, but for now
good night all
love naomi x

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Sandi said...

Oh I just love the photos of Dom!!!! Too cute. I think they are more special because they are just taken in the moment. :)
Love the state of your desk

Sandi :)