Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sticking to the plan.....

Tuesday night is double night....

but first a giggle from the editor.

-went to bed at 2am chasing deadlines and chatting on facebook.
(that place will be the death of me)

-Woke at 530am for the run and to clear my head, was going to head to the gym but didn't feel like confronting people, fresh winter air....on my hunt for that I ran into a spider web, tripped over the dog and most likely work the ENTIRE neighbourhood as I tried to frantically remove spider and the web.... (look at the crazy lady)

- by 11am I had dropped a whole lasagne on the kitchen floor... the dogs got an extra treat today.

- decided to work out some frustrations by bleeching the bath in black clothing... not my cleverest trick to date. I now have an interesting tie-dyed smeared orange and black number.'BUMBLE BEE' springs to mind

-change top not really looking or caring at this stage went and picked up children and some 6 hours later my husband tells me my shirt is inside out.....(once again look at the crazy lady)

- You think the run of bad luck may have stopped there....nooooooo
I burnt dinner. Tim walked in the door and I walked out once again seeking fresh winter air...

so I am back happy and clearer for the moment, and now that you have pictured the crazy lady's day from hell here is the tuesday night Double.....

I love double layout pages mainly cause I always take way too many photos and feel the need to use them all....

First I need to show you what my desk looks like, I have very little room to move on the surface but it works... seriously I get a block when the room is clean. this is a double I am working on about Fletch and Domi. ( I love that photo it is like joy and giggles in a photo it speaks volumes to me)

Tea anyone???

I have been fighting one of those pesky little germs that the kids like to share and have had a really sore throat so hot water and lemon is what I have been drinking. The study is at the other end of the house and it was late and I needed to clean a paint brush...

so I did...lemon and all, oops the crazylady is all class

Doubles doubles and doubles

#1 - at a snails pace
is about snail races at Nanny's and Poppy's. There was cheering and cheating I love these photos. big photos and a really minimal page, just wanted to get the story down before I lost it in my horrible memory

Sometimes I think I forget why I started scrapbooking, it wasn't about making the page pretty, or creating a masterpiece it was simply about telling my story, the kids story so I can keep re-living all the aspects of our lives when my brain gets all mushy....

#2- Lucky U
this is from a Inspiredblueprints sketch. Love sketches when I am struggling for placement. sometimes it may be a certain element that sparks another idea and off I go and in the end it looks nothing like the original sketch... This is the original sketch, I dare you to give it a go???

#3- Nanna's garden

At christmas the kids and I went to my parents place. Mum has the most amazing garden the colours are so rich and vibrant. the kids spent from sunup to sundown outside looking and catching bugs and lizards and frogs. once again lots of photos...

So that is it from me tonight I have to go and finish some class projects for Paperific and finish the double and maybe clean up alittle in here.... Fletch trod on a pin this afternoon and yelled at me that I hassle him to clean his room why dont I clean my room?

I have no come back for that- sorry Fletch.

Night all see you on thursday for the first page in the art journal....come and do one with me I would love to post them on here.....come on please.
cheers to all
love naomi x

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Vicki said...

Hi Naomi, loving having you back online so we can see what you're up to!!! I love your lots of photos concept but then again we all love everything that you do!!! That's just part of being a "Naomi Groupie" :)
Luv & hugz, Vicki