Monday, August 2, 2010

so NOT a card maker... but I am trying

I am crafty.... and you think I would have no need to buy cards, right?

but nooooooooo... I am terrible at cards. giving them, making them, sending them.
I have issues.

I thought I would try to do CARDS every monday on the blog, to dig myself out of the rutt I have made for myself. In a word lets just say I have 'struggled' and sworn and tossed out many a piece of cardstock over the last couple of days.

But persistance is the Key.

I am relatively happy with the four cards I came up with.... but they are a start.

I have baby's popping p in the near future so I thought I would get the jump on it. I have started to stock pile the card formula in multiple colours like pink, blue, green and yellow. I thought I might try one in primary colours as well. For those non-traditional types. ( I know a few of those)

I literally pulled out everything, The MM slice I haven't played with it in about a year and cut with the Vintage findings cartridge that was still in it's packet.... The frames are devine in the set. And I rediscovered my love of the cuttlebug and embossing plates and dots... swiss dots, polka dots and big dots, love them

The sewing machine and the inks and paint all got a go in this little card.....of course it has to have scrapware. (the mini stars) Another product in my stash I had never used was one of those tiny Basic Grey stamps, they are about 3 or 4 dollars and are really cute but sadly I never used it. The baby banner I stamped it directly on the card and then again onto Kraft and then cut out the little Triangles with the letters in them, I really like how it came out

There is of course layering and foam tape, never go with out those two elements.

And while I am on my cloud addiction here are the other two cards. I forgot to take pictures of the insides... I have stamped and decorated them too... oh well next week
(LIVE AND LEARN, at least I did them)

The rocket and the kite are of course Scrapware as well as the lettering.... nothing is complete with out a little chipboard.

So here are my simple cards and my first MONDAY NIGHT CARD entry....
Wednesday is a layout night

Hey by the way the classes for Paperific are up here I hope to see you there,come and have a giggle with me.
Have a good night

cheers naomi x

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